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Interconnected / Zealosphere 'Mechanic Environments' LP.
« on: April 07, 2013, 01:56:23 AM »

Interconnected / Zealosphere - 'Mechanic Environments'

split colored Vinyl LP, ltd edition 200 copies.

Out Now!

you can listen to the whole album in the website of the label.

Ambient / Experimental scapes made with modulars, field recordings, vintage tape echoes and string machines...

(for the gearheads, machines used:
Doepfer/ Eurorack modulars, Frac Blacet/ Metalbox modulars, Serge modular, Korg SE-500,
Roland RE-201, Korg PE-2000 ensemble, Field recordings, Ableton Live, Reaktor, etc...)

Interconnected is my collab project with Ingo Zobel.

thanks for the bandwidth.