April Fools Day ignored and denied???

Started by drone on, April 01, 2015, 11:06:29 PM

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drone on

Today I pranked a woman at work who I'm friends with both in and outside the office.  The joke was I put a mini post it under her mouse.  It covers the sensor and the pointer on the computer screen won't work as a result.  I wrote April Fools on the note and my name.  I did this last year to two coworkers and they thought it was funny.  I didn't hear from the woman all day and finally went to see her.  I asked if she got my joke and she said no.  The post it had also been taped securely so it wouldn't fall off.  I picked up her mouse and it wasn't there.  She acted like she knew nothing about it.  It could only be removed if someone turned it over and pulled off the tape.

Does this sound "normal" where someone would not acknowledge a little prank and when questioned, totally deny it?  I cannot think of any reason, especially since we are friends.


Maybe the same post it is on your mouse now.  ;)


Maybe she meant that she didn't understand your joke ??  It's possible that she might have been mad about it.


I did the same with a hippopotamus once, some people can be very sensitive... :)

drone on

Is there such thing as an "avoider" personality?  This woman has done this type of thing.  Acts Luke nothing happened and ignores/does not acknowledge things said or done.

Paul Vnuk (Ma Ja Le)

Just a thought, maybe she has been picked on or teased at some point in her life, or is self conscious and does not like attention being drawn to herself. By acting as if it did not happen then she does not have to deal with any personal, public or internal embarrassment.

...or maybe she just did not find it funny and does not want to give you the satisfaction of putting one over on her.
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