Why no Zoviet France reissues???

Started by drone on, July 23, 2015, 01:00:00 AM

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drone on

Seems the demand is quite high for these long out of print Zoviet France CD's you see on eBay or Discogs for crazy $$.  I'm sure the zf members could make some nice coin from reissues, plus the fans would be super happy.  Just wondering why this hasn't happened yet.  I'm sure I could get a reply from Robin Storey about it, he's always answered my emails.  But maybe someone here knows a possible answer before I do so, so I don't ask a question that's already been answered.  I do remember one zf reissue that came out on Soleilmoon years ago, but the title escapes me.  The first edition was released in a wooden box.


I still have my original vinyl of ZF's "Mohnomishe," though I haven't played it in a while.  Would be nice to see some of their more obscure releases (like "Assault and Mirage") come back into print.