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Started by drone on, August 05, 2015, 09:36:24 AM

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What's up with some of these jewel cases where it's near impossible to remove or replace the CD from/to the tray, because of the design of the spindle/ring part of the tray?  You can't push on the center to release the disc, so you have to pull up, and often you have to bend the hell out of the disc just to dislodge it.  I just want to go through my collection and round up all these type of cases and smash them to bits with a hammer.  Thanks for listening to my rant.


Haha! I came across a double jewel case with this exact problem a few weeks ago. It great to keep things in place during shipping, but yeah, feels like you're gonna snap the disc in two just to remove it.
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lol, I've had the problem too. Sometimes the discs arrive in the mail with the spindle half-way smashed. And sometimes it seems that the spindle is stronger than the disc.  ;)


I kept expecting that labels/artists etc. would stop using jewel cases...I much prefer the digipak format, a good balance of protective packaging, tactile presentation, and collectbility; or even better, a card stock sleeve alone or inside of a card stock container is preferable. Not sure why it continues to be used (cost?), seems like the people who still buy music prefer something a little more aesthetic; I know I do.


I like digipaks the best. Jewel cases scuff and crack too easily. But I still want a plastic tray in my digipaks. I appreciate the desire for some labels to release eco-friendly sleeves and to not use trays, but the collector in me isn't planning to place my collection a landfill anytime soon. 

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If your digipak tray breaks yer fukked. 8)