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My review of "Ephemeral Blue" CD by Aglaia
« on: November 30, 2015, 10:44:31 AM »

Aglaia "Ephemeral Blue" CD

After two albums released just before the Christmas 2014, "Primeval Nebula" and "Intangible Opacity", Aglaia's soundscape shaman Gino Fioravanti returns with another two new beauties, "Ephemeral Blue" and "Florealia Nocturna", both released during October 2015 under the usual flag of Stefano Musso's Hic Sunt Leones in limited editions of 300 copies. And it's obvious the CD comes in attractive 6-panel digipak with stunningly gorgeous photographs by Linda Serra (with additional artwork by Hic Sunt Leones), who already contributed her image mastery to several other Hic Sunt Leones releases, including above mentioned "Primeval Nebula" and "Intangible Opacity". This visual splendor immediately sets the distinctively enchanting woodland ambience Aglaia is celebrated for, a genius loci awaits you, enter now!!!

Nearly 10-minute piece, "Empty Nights", unfolds this fascinating ramble with sinuously poetic euphoniousness, reinforced by euphoric quietudes and spriralingly engrossing high-pitched subtleties. A very strong intro!!! "Holy Ghost", with almost similar length, delves deeper into weirdly organic terrains, with strangely oscillating texture painting mesmerizingly mindscaping mandalas. "Bright Venus" keeps firmly on spellbinding path leaded by graciously nuanced drones coalesced with warmly delicate moony meanders and gossamer hypno-cyber-biotic snippets. Journeying along "Dark River" is absolutely bewitching, euphorically cascading lyrical paradigms are meticulously amalgamated with bizarrely swinging traceries slightly evocative of processed bullroarer, while additional capricious twinkles stimulate the mind and illuminate the pathway guiding the listener through distinctively enrapturing atmospheric nocturnal enigmas. Undoubtedly all Aglaia's insignias are fully activated to rejoice this 8-plus minutes long night-blooming spectacle!!! Bravissimo, Gino!!! The next piece, "From The Stars", keeps its hauntingly disturbing measure, persistently radiating, which is intriguingly counterpointed with contemplative crystalline chimes, while ethereally-charged monochromatic layer continuously hangs above. Utterly captivating aural sceneries of a star-filled nighttime are revealed. "Quiet Wings" delves into desolately humming realms, hypnotically helical and surreptitiously permeated by crepuscular organics and chimeric oddments. "Cypress Trees", the longest track, clocking to nearly 13 minutes, follows the footsteps of its predecessor with mysteriously traversing backgrounds, isochronally sweeping with some medieval fragrances thrown in, while the fore blends a broad array of stochastic embellishments, from transient to abstruse, from calm to ear-tickling. With 6 minutes the shortest composition on album, "Invisible Forces" closes the journey with spaciously expansive harmonic drifts, insistently filled with engrossingly undulating balmy motifs, exhibiting undeniable signatures that can only be Aglaia. A true sonic elixir for my ears and a grand finale!!! I only wish this piece could be longer...

"Ephemeral Blue" is a very solid, almost 69 minutes long album by Aglaia, always prodigiously enigmatic, yet euphorically flavored within gorgeously organic terrains with incredibly unmatched moonlit feel. This is certainly the hallmark of Aglaia, an Italian project with extensive discography, featuring solo releases of Gino Fioravanti or as a duo with Gianluigi Toso. Also acting under Nada Experiences and Momenti Per L'Armonia monikers. All in all, this abundant body of work counts over 60 albums with many of them being enormously challenging to track down, especially for physical formats. And while surveying, pay attention also to already mentioned "Ephemeral Blue" album's companion "Florealia Nocturna". Join this fascinating nocturnal magic now!!!

Richard Gürtler (Nov 29, 2015, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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Re: My review of "Ephemeral Blue" CD by Aglaia
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A euphoric plethora of adjectives abound in this enigmatically sublime review.