Dark Side Of The Moog Reissues

Started by thirdsystem, December 08, 2015, 01:26:20 PM

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Pete Namlook / Klaus Schulze classic series on FAX being reissued....


Fantastic. I only have a couple of these on download so very pleased indeed. Bonus material also .

drone on

Why bother, unless you don't have these then I guess it's a good value for the money, for five CD's.  That "bonus" disc seems like all from "The Evolution of the Dark Side of the Moog" which was already released by Fax before.  Not a very enticing "bonus." 

I'd be interested in knowing who "officially licensed" these albums.  I'm assuming it would be his daughter Fabia and/or family.  I'm a little surprised any posthumous Fax releases have come out at all.  I don't know why, maybe I feel it's almost too sacred as a major fan to be reissuing stuff, like it should just be left alone. 

Also, most of the DSOTM series can still be had for pretty reasonable prices via Discogs (if you want physical CD's and not downloads), since many were re-issued so you've got the originals or the reissues available (actually the last three volumes were never reissued). 

Thanks for posting this info.


No probs Drone On.

Appreciate many FAXmen will have these. I don't so am very interested.

This is also very interesting, from CDS Dundee website......


Landing late April/Early to Mid-May this 'Dark Side Of The Moog: Volumes 9-11' Boxed Set contains 5 Discs (3 Original Albums, a Schulze & Namlook - 'Live In Hamburg' CD and a Bonus DVD-Audio Disc of 'DSOTM-11' in DTS 5.1 Surround Sound) in Jewel Cases all packaged in a Presentation Card Box with a Pull-Off Lid and features New Artwork and Liner Notes.

With regard to the mastering of the 'DSOTM' albums – it is exactly the same as the original FAX mastering - by Pete Namlook himself – as the label felt it couldn't be done any better.

The Bonus Disc in this Box is: 'Live In Hamburg', which is Previously Unreleased in this unedited form, but: edited by Pete Namlook this concert formed part of: 'Dark Side Of The Moog - Volume 8'
Label advisor and "Schulze" specialist Ecki Stieg thought it could be a great bonus for the fans to release the concert from Hamburg in its original form (incl. the audience, which was deleted in the 'Volume 8' version.

The 5th disc in this set is the DTS 5.1 Audio of 'DSOTM-11' and it was mixed and mastered by Pete Namlook.

So now you can preserve your original collector's items and listen to these new reissues instead, plus there's that 5.1 DVD-A and CD of Bonus 'Live' Material to savour as well!

drone on

I hear the audience in Vol 8, so I don't know what he's talking about.  This doesn't sound like much of a bonus.  I hate when labels do this:  give you a couple scraps to entice those who already own the records.  Btw, my favorites in the series are 5, 6 and 8.

Scott M2

I have a handfull and the quality varies. IX is cool.
It looks like they struggled a bit for the fifth disc in each set.
I'm going to go for them and my prize will be XI,
as I love the Namlook surround mixes but this is hard to find.
Thanks for the Heads Up thirdsystem!