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Started by drone on, December 17, 2015, 02:39:10 PM

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I've been a Discogs member for many years now.  Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences, advice, etc. they want to share? 

Lately for whatever reason I've been noticing that some sellers are totally clueless when it comes to listing and/or grading items.  I'm a CD collector--no vinyl.  I have 3 CD versions of some of my favorite albums.  I recently ordered the UK version of an album, and the seller sent me the US version.  They had no idea there was a difference, since the cover and track titles were the same they said.  Even though it gives you a list of all the CD versions.  Duh.  Even when you're listing an item for sale, Discogs reminds you to list the exact item on the release page.  This has happened to me three times in the last several months.  Now it's to the point I have to ask and verify with the seller before placing an order. 

Some people's sense of grading is totally bizarre.  Their "Near Mint" is more like "good plus" or "very good."  One CD I bought said "unplayed new" and "very good plus," but had multiple scratches, some deeper than "minor."  They stated it had been in their record store for 20 years kept in a plastic binder sleeve and was "new".  Why would I care if a CD is "unplayed" if it's scratched?  They don't seem to understand the difference.  I'm surprised some of these people even work in record stores. 

I've had some really good experiences, too, but for some reason really bad ones for the last several months.  I can share some good ones, too, but I feel like complaining right now.   8)


Hi, I know what you mean, I order and sell quite a lot on Discogs and though I mostly have good experiences, there's also some bad ones.

The problem with the different versions is often that if at the moment of listing an item, only one version exists on Discogs, people then list their sale item as that version, regardless of the version they own. If then later more versions get added, they don't change it anymore, either becaue they don't know a new version got added or because they're too lazy.

Personaly as a seller I find it kind of intimidating when a CD is listed in 30 different versions. You end up not knowing which one to order  ;D

Btw.: what user name do you use on Discogs ? Maybe we did business there in the past ?


I forgot: the only advice I can give you is to send the seller a message and ask detailed questions. It is annoying to do it all the time but it's the only way to be sure not to have to send a CD back etc. ...


I have had positive experiences with Discog purchases up to this point. But I've only bought things that had one edition; no room for screw ups.


So far my purchase on Discogs have all been excellent. Usually high cost FAX and ambient CDs. I always research the seller carefully. Two sellers in particular I have used and will certainly be buying from them again

I have had more problems on Ebay where I purchase vinyl mainly. Many transactions over the years.

50% Excellent
25% OK
25% Poor quality, poor packaging, poor contact and service

Have to be very careful with vinyl in my experience, and ebay.

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Wanterkeelt:  my Discogs name is tauceti.


I see you ordered once from me: Alio Die - Sit Tibi Terra Levis - Introspective (CD, Album, RE, Ltd) (Hic Sunt Leones - HSL049), back in 2011.
Everything went well

Quote from: drone on on December 21, 2015, 08:41:41 AM
Wanterkeelt:  my Discogs name is tauceti.

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Well of course it went well!   ;D

I had another bad experience on Discogs where I had to file a Paypal claim.  Another case of "remasters" being sent to me when I ordered the original UK cd's.  They also listed them as "like new" and they all had scratches on them.  The seller expected me to spend $15 to ship these back to him before he issued a refund.  As a seller, if I made that mistake I'd refund the buyer and just cut my losses and learn from my mistake.  In this case the guy lost a few CD's he didn't get much for, maybe $7 each, but yet he's going to reimburse me another $15 to send them back to him?  It doesn't make sense and is not even worth it.  I did that with another guy (actually spent the $15 and sent back to him) who sent me a CD in poor condition, like it had been used as a frisbeee on a cement playground, who listed it as "like new."  He then admitted he "shouldn't have listed as like new," but insisted it wasn't in poor condition.  I don't want to country bash, but the last 3 or 4 such incidents all came from the UK.  I hope these people actually reimburse the $15 to ship back, otherwise it's more money and time wasted.