Sensitivity about Surgery

Started by drone on, January 26, 2016, 01:04:44 PM

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drone on

One night, late at night, I received a text message from my half-sister asking me to "pray" for her as she was having surgery the next day.  Considering I had just talked to her a week earlier, I was shocked to hear of this surgery, as I knew nothing about it.  I immediately texted back, " Surgery for what???" 

I never received a reply, and only later found out from my mother that the surgery was for breast reduction.  My mother informed me she was probably embarrassed and didn't want to tell me what kind of surgery. 

I think I should have been given the details, as a family member, and not spring it on me the night before.  Maybe you want to be private about it, but then you tell people to "pray" for you and they're not allowed to know what it's for??? 

Can anyone back me up on my position here?  Or if not, I'd like to know why it's acceptable to do what she did. 


Surgery can be very scary, even when it is chosen rather than from ill health.

I suspect she was scared and just contacted people she felt close enough to ask for emotional / spiritual support.

In these sort of situations you can simply think about or pray for someone's highest good - it takes out needing to know what for (if they are embarrassed) or trying to pray for specific outcomes....