WavemansUnderground & Spacy07 2+2 uur EM & Ambient

Started by waveman, January 28, 2016, 06:30:29 AM

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Our 1st "2+2" radio show together...... Spacy07 & Waveman from The Underground ÄxpÄrten / www.radiosunrise.de are on-air friday 29th january. From Rotterdam Waveman plays: Wim(live), Steve Roach(live) Hagen von Bergen, Airsculpture(live), grum-pe, Mark Jenkins(live), Spiraldreams, Polar Circle, John Battema, MarcE & GerdR, Alpha Wave Movement.

Spacy07 plays: Loom, W.AdePhul, Dweller At The Threshol, Tim Blake, Code Indigo, Klangwelt, Ken Martin, Nautulus, Mind Flux, Tangerine Dream, Robert Schroeder, Pyramid Peak, Computerchemist feat. Nemesis  8) In the chat only info about the musician(s) and track info ! Stay tuned from 20.00 - 0.00 / 7pm - 11pm(UK)