What Music Do You Like that Nobody Would Ever Guess You Like?

Started by drone on, January 28, 2016, 10:08:25 AM

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I was browsing an old thread where it was revealed Phobos loves ZZ Top.  Now that one surprised me!  Not because there's anything wrong with ZZ Top (I have about 5 of their albums myself), but it's something you wouldn't expect for some reason.  We pretty much know Forum members' musical tastes, favorite artists, etc.  Is there any style or artist that you think people would be surprised to know that you are into? 


I try to like anything I like - if that makes sense.

not sure if there is anything I could list that would surprise people....everyone's taste seems pretty wide...

One of my favourite tracks ever is Chris Isaaks Wicked Game....


Good question and idea for a thread. Perhaps folk would prefer to keep some stuff private though ;)

EJ - Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy would be in my top 10/20 albums of all time as would Wings - Venus and Mars / Band on the Run.

I also collect 7" vinyl , mainly Prog, Rock, Electronica however I also have stuff from my young years and youth , a vast range of genres and styles. So two more embarrassing favourites would be Cliff Richard - Devil Woman  :P and Jim Reeves - Welcome to My World , Jungle Drums . There are many more though. I will have a look through tonight and see if there are any other incriminating, worrying likes  :)

Julio Di Benedetto

Quote from: Seren on January 28, 2016, 12:30:49 PM

One of my favourite tracks ever is Chris Isaaks Wicked Game....

Oh yeah...love this song.

Olivia Newton John- Magic......I think I need to find me a new muse.  Im a huge fan!


This is going to be a fun thread.
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