2 New Alio Die and 2 New Aglaia CD's on Hic Sunts Leones

Started by drone on, February 05, 2016, 02:34:20 PM

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drone on

Check out Alio Die's Bandcamp page.  4 new releases, 2 by Aglaia, 2 by Alio Die.  They all sound excellent to my ears!  You can order the CD's now by contacting Stefano directly.  Plus he's offering some kind of limited edition art cards for about $7.  I bought the whole ball of wax.   8)


Mine are on their way. I'm looking forward to any release to widen my Alio Die and Aglaia collection. Such wonderful artists.

Ein Sophistry

Seamlessly bliss is really wonderful (if not grammatically the most pleasing).


Quote from: Ein Sophistry on February 10, 2016, 02:08:14 AM
Seamlessly bliss is really wonderful (if not grammatically the most pleasing).

In the fine tradition of "Ambiant Otaku."   ;)


drone on

Should have called Seamlessly Bliss "Endlessly Wait," as in after one month of shipping my order from Italy, I still don't have them.  The Italian post system is awful.  It's been taking three weeks in recent years, and getting worse.  I'm basically paying airmail prices now for surface mail delivery. 


Been listening to both of these on Spotify. Beautiful stuff , will be worth the wait drone on.


@drone on, I haven't ordered anything from Italy in years but I do remember it taking a few weeks. I seem to remember readings something about the post system there getting even worse.

Are these discs not available at some sort of stateside store/distro?

drone on

Yes, Projekt website listed these for sale last week, and they are in the US...