Steve Roach Pinnacle Moments

Started by drone on, February 17, 2016, 09:40:14 AM

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drone on

Yet another excellent live Roach document.  This one has some haunting e-bow guitar work on track one.  The middle pieces contain music heard before, like Endorphin Dreamtime from Core.  The last two pieces are sequencer stuff in a style unique to Roach recordings, where he weaves in this kind of ethereal symphonic lead lines over the thick percolating patterns.  Very Klaus Schulze.  I really cannot remember Steve doing anything like this before.  Excellent stuff!!


I've been making good use of the free downloads recently presented by Steve / Projekt on bandcamp.

Picked up a few pieces I had not bought on CD and enjoying them.


I really like track 1 and 3. Only Roach creates those kind of vibes.
I don't care much for the the raw sounding, basic sequences on Skeleton Passage. I'll listen to Redshift for phat, in your face sequences. Steve Roach is better at weaving more gentle and intricate patterns, such as Arc of Passion and Spiral Meditations.