Game of Thrones

Started by thirdsystem, March 31, 2016, 01:51:41 PM

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Haven't noticed anyone mentioning Game Of Thrones on here , which is surprising.

Absolutely astounding series I have been watching on Blu ray and now Season V is available for download on Sky TV. Read the first four books and if anything the TV series is even better. Highly recommended and very, very addictive.


It is very addictive and morbidly fascinating - not a lot of any 'uplifting' themes.

Watched series 5 on Blu-ray in 2 sittings last weekend....

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Huge Fan.....season 6 is coming soon, april 26th.

Watched Season 1-4 in a few weeks.....that was the best way. Total immersion
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I now only have the last episode of season five left to watch after extensive viewing this week. It gets you like that.

Have to say I had to go and lie down in a darkened room and listen to some peaceful ambient to recover from a couple of these episodes  ;) . Astounding.

I was going to post a link to a couple of articles relative to George Martin's inspiration for several events coming from Scottish history. However too many major spoilers in both. That is a thing to mention , if you are thinking about starting this series watch out for the massive amount of spoilers out there. I have been caught a couple of times, fortunately nothing too major.

This series has some of the best acting, casting, settings, storylines , costumes and effects of all time. It really is something special.


Is Season 6 the one where the producers have to part ways from the books due to the lack of books? Or is that a future season?


Hey Chris, I have read the first four books. They are in the main followed closely by the series up to the end of Season four.

My son advised me the the fifth book was rather hard work so I decided to stick with the series instead. It departs hugely from the fifth book apparently. Book 6 and 7 have still to be released or written . Mr Martin has been liasing closely with the producers to get the story correct

The last three episodes of season five are absolutely astonishing btw.


I would advise watching the first episode. It gives you a good overall feeling of the scope of the show and sets up the dynamics for most of the major characters and plot lines. I think you'll know by the end, whether you want to go on watching.

But, it really is an excellent series. Don't worry about the books. Just enjoy the show for what it is.
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Give it a go - The filming is stunning, the storylines convoluted and the twists unexpected to begin with.
Unlike The Lord of the Rings which is pretty straightforward story telling.
If you don't like fantasy....well not much you can do about that....but you might even enjoy it...