Robert Rich - What We Left Behind

Started by thirdsystem, August 12, 2016, 11:46:54 AM

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Not seen any reference to this newish release on here , which is surprising. I almost completely missed this until I saw a reference elsewhere. Listened on Spotify a few times now. Wonderful, atmospheric journey through jungle landscapes and other worlds. This is on my urgent list for CD, or more likely download due to exorbitant postal rates and exchange rate at the moment.

Really excellent work from Mr Rich again. Love it.

Any thoughts from other folk ?


well, I gave it 4 stars out of 5 in my review a short while back....


I had held off on this because I couldn't find good samples. It never occurred to me to hunt it down on Spotify. Listening now. (And turning on Spotify for the first time in a while.)

Robert Logan

It seems I feel differently about this every time I hear it. But to my ears it is definitely beautifully produced, mixed and mastered - it's got that really 'vivid', three dimensional and 'present' sound whilst also being really pared back and subtle, similar in that way to Nest and other great R. Rich albums. Lovely mastering too. I do think he has such a unique sound, although because similar elements are used from album to album no matter what their theme (which I understand he considers his 'voices' or something to that effect, like the steel guitar, flutes and other recurring sounds) I have to separate my listens with his material in order to preserve a sense that each work is addressing something different. For some reason it doesn't matter so much with other ambient artists - I can just let the albums roll on, album to album. But there is something quite 'thematic' to each of his works, so if I'm hearing similar sounds in Nest as I am in What We Left Behind - even though the two seem to be in very different zones thematically - my brain finds it a bit problematic. Odd huh?

Robert Logan

Thanks stargazer. I'm not sure how right I am about the work being theme-oriented... I know some might be more than others!

But the more I have been listening to this new one the more I love it. It is beautiful and often inhabits that potent non-specific 'in between' emotional zone I so love in this music. And I'm appreciating afresh that there are actually some really different, new, 'rusty' sonics/harmonics in there that mark it out from former R Rich albums. It's great to connect with an album of his like this once again.  :-)


Agree, this is really an excellent album from Robert . I have listened several times on Spotify , very atmospheric, thought provoking, beautiful music. Pity the exchange rate is so effing horrendous just now or I would be getting the CD sent from over the pond. Will make do with the download from bandcamp at the moment. Also notice that Perpetual is on bandcamp also !!!!!!!!!


This is a very useful web site for me.


RR's content continues to evolve positively, but this album doesn't break much obvious new ground in terms of what he has already made.  This is not a problem for me.  It is for others.  This album is 100% fantastic.  I applaud RR for refining his original sonic concepts via modern technology.  I recently purchased something he made 20 years ago.