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Started by Scott M2, November 09, 2016, 08:52:16 AM

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Scott M2

Hey, I started this thread to talk surround mixes (ambient and otherwise)from time to time.

Hopefully anyone with a surround system or interest in surround sound will chip in too.  8)

Scott M2

For any Americans who need cheering up today, Amazon.com has Pink Floyd's final album "The Endless River" on sale today for only $8. IMO it was already worthwhile at $20 or whatever.

This is a small box set with a CD plus a Blu Ray with 5.1 mixes of the album by Andy Jackson (who is very good) and additional audio and Audio Visual materials. There's a slim hard bound book and a few art cards included.

It's all instrumental pieces (except the final track) culled from the leftovers from "The Division Bell" sessions and is quite enjoyable if your expectations are low. This is no "Wish You Were Here" or "Dark Side" but more the level of "More" or perhaps "Obscured". There's melancholy pleasure in hearing Rick Wright's final keyboard work and more of Gilmour's guitar playing. The surround mix, which leans towards quad, is the special sauce here which elevates the experience.

Many call this their ambient album and I'll just say that it leans in that direction and has the gentler feel of a David Gilmour album. This package is an excellent bargain at $8.


Julio Di Benedetto

Not into surround sound because of lack of equipment but picked this up nevertheless.....excited to have a listen.  Interesting that a large part of the music was pulled from the vaults from the Division Bell period.

Thanks for the heads up Scott.
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Scott M2

A Pete Namlook discussion is surely in order under this topic later
but right now, a fellow on the Quadrophonic Quad forum (which is excellent)
is selling about two dozen of the Namlook DTS surround discs (without the CDs & cases)
for $10 each which is excellent for this OOP music. I paid way more for my collection.
Here's a link to his thread. (I have purchased a couple of discs from him before.)


Scott M2

There's an excellent deal available for Gentle Giant's "Octopus" album for $11 now at Amazon.com.

This has an outstanding new surround mix by Steve Wilson (of Porcupine Tree). Steve Wilson's name will come up regularly in this thread as he has been remixing a truly significant amount of classic prog albums by King Crimson, Yes, ELP and this gem by Gentle Giant. The sound is full and the instruments and vocals are clear and exciting. If you have an appreciation or interest in Gentle Giant and a surround system with a blu-ray player, this is a great place to start.


(Please note - I just edited this post to correct the link - which had pointed to the CD version instead of the Blu Ray.

Scott M2

Dueling Dark Sides!

This is a pair of interviews with James Guthrie and Alan Parsons regarding the SACD surround mix release of Dark Side of the Moon.

Guthrie discusses creating his newer 5.1 mix and how all the band was involved, which led to mix revisions. Parsons discusses both his original quad mix and the new 5.1 mix. Both producers give a track by track breakdown of their mix choices and subtle and bold details.

I found it fascinating. Both mixes are included in the Dark Side of the Moon Immersion Box so I've had my own chances to compare and contrast.