My review of "Tranquility" CDr by Ambiscend

Started by richardgurtler, January 11, 2019, 09:32:13 AM

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Ambiscend "Tranquility" CDr

US soundsculptor Darren Rogers, based in Texas, keeps on releasing his albums through Imagineer Records, his own label. Ambiscend is the most recent project name of Darren Rogers and "Tranquility" is the title of the album, which was released during April 2018 as a CDr edition packaged in a thin 4-panel digipak. The artwork was designed by Roger's wife Lynda.

Nearly 10-minute "Time Of Tranquility" unfolds with balmy forest symphonies and weightlessly gliding cinematically romantic washes, fueled by engrossingly yearning feel. This composition exactly sounds how it is called. A bit lighter to my taste, yet gracefully warm. "Floating Enchantment", at 7:55 the shortest track on "Tranquility", keeps tightly on the path, where nocturnal ambrosias persistently commingle with gently undulating and mellowly expansive, vintage-infused serenities. Again, the track title speaks for itself. "Earth Sings Its Song" juxtaposes eternal coastal quietudes with poignantly evocative musings. Ethereal majesty gorgeously coalesces with introspective vistas. Rainy seashore ataraxis announces the next composition, appropriately entitled "The Night Is Calling", where auxiliary surrounding nectarous blankets are carefully reinforced by sequences of gossamery tinkling traceries. Pure aural beauty is served here, well-done, Darren! "Earth's Bedtime", with 10:20 the longest piece, retains its sweeping nightly calmness and closes this relentlessly soothing journey with longing dreamscapes, while meditative, yet intangibly remote singing bowls permeate here and there. Very nice conclusion!

"Tranquility" is obviously more new-age fragranced album than one of the previous works, "Interstellar Love", released under Darren's own name during 2016 (followed by darker "The Future Approaching" in 2017), but still safely drifting on the edge of eternally engulfing ambient warmth. Sure, since I am the one who rather dives into nebulously dronescaping or tenebrously abysmal realms, I would most likely use slightly smaller amount of luscious field recordings throughout the album, but Ambiscend's sole creator kept his focus fastened to the theme. Thus "Tranquility" was a very peaceful ride from beginning to end. Just relax and enjoy!!! And as far I know, "Tranquility II" album is in the works, so keep connected to these placid zones!

Richard G├╝rtler (Jan 10, 2019, Bratislava, Slovakia)