My review of "Mørkerom" CDr by Warpness

Started by richardgurtler, January 13, 2019, 07:58:57 AM

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Warpness "Mørkerom" CDr

Tom Ståle Engebretsen. the sonic architect behind Warpness and few other related projects like Elrox Ambient Session or Castana, has released "Mørkerom" CDr album during February 2018 on his own Tape The Sound label. Packaged in a 4-panel digipak, designed by the artist himself, and limited to 50 copies. My lingual diversity is of course very limited, but the liner notes on Bandcamp tell me "Mørkerom" translates from Norwegian as "Dark Room", so it looks like tenebrously dronescaping journey from previous "Atmosphere" album is going to shift into next, oracularly infused domains, let's experience it!

Firstly, "Mørkerom" is sculpted by 16 tracks, so most of them are hanging around 3 or 4-minute mark with only 3 tracks climbing over 5 minutes. And yes, all track titles are in Norwegian, so online translator is on hand too. Anyway, the ride triggers straightly with "Tungsinn", that's "Gloom", so my headphones are invaded by anxiously flavored sinuousness, ambiguously secluded, yet supported by sluggishly marching patterns. Tides of transcendental hums navigate "Alt Ryker" into unfathomable depths, where metallic-colored illuminations transpire here and there along with "Tralfamadore" laid-back glimpses. Intriguingly immersing, more please! "Hissig" stays on dissonant route, sort of eccentric, if "Angry" is correct translation, then it fits precisely. And very short "Uforløst" ("Unresolved") keeps on this path too with persistently crescendoing peculiar helixes. So no wonder the next piece, the title composition "Mørkerom", is driven by obfuscated breaths of extraterrestrial dwellers. "Lysglimt" or "Sparkle" incorporates machinery powered outbursts juxtaposed with "Tralfamadore" resurgences. "Sjelefred" means "Peace Of Mind", so it's quite obvious more relieving passage with driftscaping vistas follows, although still spiced by some dissonant signals, transient spectres and primordial rumblings. "Solstreif" maintains calmer outline, where warmer expansions commingle with few trenchant tapestries, that's "Sunbeam". "Sirkus Inne I Hodet" drives me nuts with its cacophonous shape, but after noticing the word "Sirkus", I am not surprised. Then the complete title "Circus Inside The Head" reveals all... "Undervegs" attracts with its vividly galloping locomotion. "I Kjelleren Er Det Mørkt" delves deeply into hypogeally perplexing realms, where monotonously engulfing drone continuously amalgamates with an array of glimpsing epic meridians. What else to expect "In The Dark Cellar"... "Glemte Minner" ("Forgotten Memories") unfolds with razor sharp electro sounds, later heavier repetitive beats join the center stage, while gliding twists pervade towards the closing passage. Headphone listening is fully rewarding here"! "Drømmer", at 1:36 the shortest cut on "Mørkerom", reveals magnificently immense horizons with right amount of percolating disturbances. You might revive your "Dream" this way... "Det Blir Bare Bedre" or "It Just Gets Better" blends mesmerizingly cadenced IDM ingredients with auxiliary gauzy rumbles or even prog rock glimmers. "Bygdedans" ("Country Side Living And Dancing", thanks, Tom!!!) slows down a bit and again resurrects spectacular aural story called "Tralfamadore". "Signaler", with 9-plus minutes the longest track on the album, closes this audacious trip with serenely drifting mindscapes, crispy relaxed midtempo rhythms and bouncing gossamery signals.

I think this is the fourth album by Tom Ståle Engebretsen I am reviewing and this Viking is always carving his own game, kudos for such creative insignias with truly escapading ingenuity!!! Sure, I could imagine rather longer tracks in 58-minute "Mørkerom" scenario, that's just a question of my preference, but I think exactly in this case some of the shorter tracks lost its potential. Otherwise, another big one from Warpness and its sole protagonist!!! Yes, quite different when comparing to "Atmospheres" for example, with adding some piquant "Tralfamadore" earmarks and a large dose of multifariously flavored enigmas. And keep in mind, shortly after "Mørkerom", Tom Ståle Engebretsen has released another album, this time under the moniker Elrox Ambient Session, it's entitled "Footprints On The Moon" and it's available since March 2018 through Tape The Sound label.

Richard Gürtler (Jan 11, 2019, Bratislava, Slovakia)