My review of "Eclipse" CD by Frore & Shane Morris

Started by richardgurtler, February 08, 2019, 10:16:49 AM

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Frore & Shane Morris "Eclipse" CD

In April 2015, Paul Casper alias Frore and Shane Morris released on Spotted Peccary their first collaborative milestone entitled "Blood Moon", which certainly belonged to the highlights of 2015. Two and a half years later, both these hugely talented and crafted US soundcarvers returned again, this time with "Eclipse". Out since November 17th 2017, again on respected Spotted Peccary label, the CD comes in a 4-panel disc eco wallet, it's mastered by Ben Cox of Lotuspike fame and designed by Daniel Pipitone.

Nearly 9-minute "Anima" reveals this thrillingly rewarding journey with masterful blend of vivaciously galloping percussive tapestries, primarily driven by hypnotic frame drum mastery, and radiantly charged cyber-shamanic vistas, while intangible didge calls are hovering above. A top-notch, all-inclusive overture precisely displayed by its title! Primordial acoustic reflections on "Calling Down The Sun" soothingly commingle with balmily drifting expanses, before gradually metamorphosing into artificially infused tribal splendor. Mesmerically languish, yet engrossingly piquant. Another magnificent blend of primitive acoustics and state of the art electronics, bravo, gentlemen!!! "Feather And Claw" attracts with its gently cadenced percussive guiding juxtaposed with enveloping flute narrations. "Stone Arch", as indicated by its name, shifts into gracefully panoptic grandness, where hidden dramatic nuances continuously commingle with glimpsing meditative quietudes. "Shadow Medicine" is propelled by laid-back high-tech grooves with persistently glistening scenario, guarded by above gliding ethereal flute moans. "Nomadic Dreaming", at 10:47 the longest piece on "Eclipse", immediately carves eternally helixing futuristic images, lushly blossoming, profoundly spellbinding, electrifyingly kaleidoscaping and exquisitely opiating, what a magnum opus!!! A headphone listening quickly unlocks the gates to the cyber-tribal paradise, obviously a Hall of Fame performance is exhibited here, hats off to Paul Casper & Shane Morris!!! The next track, "Changing Seasons", meticulously merges primeval didge and flute drones, growls and murmurs with steadfastly exhilarating percussive ambrosias, while delightfully longing and sweepingly awe-inspiring panoramic time-lapses are riding atop. Wow, I am blown away again by such creatively spirited insignias, this composition without doubt deserves just the same praised spot as its predecessor. So another standing ovation for both gifted protagonists!!! "A Lonely Path" is carried through subterraneanly monochromatic drones into stunningly sonorous ancient landscapes, where abundantly organic subtleties inconspicuously permeate along with prodigiously engulfing woodwind curlicues. Splendid conclusion indeed!

What to add? Paul Casper has already confirmed his enormous talent in the past and his "Last Place Of Wonder" album released six months prior to "Eclipse", as his 7th solo album (if I am counting right...), is a true sonic monument. So it is with Shane Morris, who has proved his artistic brilliance for example on "Inspired Evolution" trilogy with Mystified (aka Thomas Park) released during 2012-2014 on Lotuspike/Spotted Peccary. Thus when you bridge two ingenious forces like these, you simply can't go wrong, 70-minute "Eclipse" is another remarkable album, as much triumphant as was ""Blood Moon"!!! And keep in mind, the sound quality is again superb!

Richard G├╝rtler (Feb 02, 2019, Bratislava, Slovakia)