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Haiduk - Exomancer [metal]
« on: February 21, 2019, 08:02:17 PM »
For the metal fans.

New Haiduk album - 'Exomancer'

Melodic, blackened death metal with atmospheric and hypnotic elements.

"[Haiduk] has perfected his own signature style and very few bands are doing this style."

“Laced with intricate diversions into an almost hypnotic, tremolo-world of ever undulating riff patterns.”
-Worship Metal

“The album is solid, with truly unique and mesmerizing progressions of chords and lead work piled high.”
-Contaminated Tones

“Sinister, spiralling, atonal and dark, ‘Exomancer’ is going to be an underrated gem from 2018.”
-The Killchain


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Re: Haiduk - Exomancer [metal]
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