My review of "Gentle World" CDr by Lingua Lustra

Started by richardgurtler, May 06, 2019, 09:42:27 AM

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Lingua Lustra "Gentle World" CDr

Although Dutch ambient soundscaper Albert Borkent recording as Lingua Lustra (also Sol Tek) has been active on the scene since 2005 with numerous CD/CDr releases for various labels such as Databloem/Practising Nature, Anodize or Psychonavigation, it took me hell of a lot of time before this respected project landed on my radars. Shame on me!!! Fortunately, all this ended with Lingua Lustra's CDr edition "Gentle World", released at the beginning of November 2017 on Berlin based Rohs! Records. Packaged in a simple 2-panel slimline card case, the CDr album was limited to 100 hand numbered copies. Unfortunately, the info on Rohs! Bandcamp site declares this title as a sold out item already, but of course it's still available digitally. "Gentle World" was recorded during the autumn of 2016 and the mastering work was provided by Rohs! label owner Andrea Porcu.

"Coral Memory", which clocks to 10 and a half minutes, unfolds with multi-dimensional, balmily intangible drones, meticulously wrapped into hazily embracing curtains. Ethereally driven with permeating sharply titillating glimpses. What a beauty!!! I remember clearly, this was the triggering point for me and since then I keep a focused ear to ground when it comes to Lingua Lustra. "Soft Tissue", only slightly shorter than it's predecessor, is propelled by panoptic drifts, again rather nebulous, quietly nuanced and reinforced by occasional crescendos with intensified ear-tickling shimmers. The title "Gentle World" composition immediately strikes with its weeping layers exquisitely coupled with poetic piano motifs and profoundly evocative meridians. Glancing translucent organic traceries, subtly immersing reverberations and sinuating chant vistas shift this piece into a gorgeously enveloping sceneries. Magnificently sweeping 9-minute aural splendor awaits here, bravo, Albert!!! "Tone Shower", at 5:36 the shortest piece on "Gentle World", merges potpourri of diaphanously flickering tinkles with longing drone expanses and ambiguously hypogeous currents. Elusively peculiar, yet contemplatively transporting! Nearly 14 minutes long "It's Raining Flowers" incorporate gracefully engulfing horizons with invading litany fragments and breathing biotic cushions. Monochromatic spirals continuously commingle with gossamer clickety-clack embellishments and persistently vivid piano patterns. Deeply mindscaping finale! And I love the track title too!

Truly a top-notch recording by Lingua Lustra, showcasing the gift and potential of its sole mastermind, who splendidly reveals on "Gentle World" the delicacies of our lives. An intricate soundcarving, where amplifying drone zones euphoniously juxtapose with pellucid or piquant curiosities, both ephemerally arising or constantly emanating. Lingua Lustra gets my highest recommendation!!! Time flies fast and since "Gentle World" Lingua Lustra released few more physical albums on different labels, for example "Truth Rings Like A Bell" CDr (Shimmering Moods Records, November 2017), "Cygnus" 2CD (Kosmos, April 2018), "Portal" CD (Carpe Sonum Records, April 2018) and "Everything Is Thought" CDr (Lagerst├Ątte, November 2018). And most recently, a newest CD album "Emotive Motifs" was just released today on Databloem, so connect and explore!!!

Richard G├╝rtler (May 01, 2019, Bratislava, Slovakia)