My review of "From The Darker Seasons" CD by Jeff Pearce

Started by richardgurtler, June 07, 2019, 09:56:39 AM

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Jeff Pearce "From The Darker Seasons" CD

As indicated by its title, US ambient guitar virtuoso Jeff Pearce reveals on this album the magic of late autumn and early winter sceneries. Released on September 22nd, 2017, the album comes in a dazzling 4-panel digipak designed by Matt Strieby and mastered by Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studios.

"A Walk Through The Leaves" is a 4-plus minutes long opener, which immediately transports the listener into balmily enveloping landscapes, infused by gently titillating stringed insignias of its sole Maestro. Intimately delightful and heartwarmingly delicate sonic elixir!!! Shorter "Sun On Frost" only proves this soothingly engulfing scenario, where piquantly glittering and evocatively narrative riffs exquisitely juxtapose with tranquilly gliding majestic rays. Absolutely enchanting images! The next piece, "Constellations", instantly shifts into magnificently expansive realms guided by infinitely serpentine e-Bow meridians. Awe-inspiring grace guarded by crepuscular stillness meets longing choir-imbued driftscapes. Pure magic!!! "The River In Late Autumn" moves back to lyrically lush terrains, hauntingly resonant, spiritedly embracing and introspectively profound. "Downdrift", clocking to 10 and a half minutes, quickly transforms into grippingly full-bodied, panoramically immense and harmoniously engrossing realms navigated by undeniable e-Bow wizardry!!! This is Jeff Pearce at the very top of his ingeniousness, conjuring masterpiece like "No Matter How Far" for example. My arms are again filled with goosebumps, obviously another Hall of Fame performance!!! By the way, this is a shorter version of the full 20-minute long form original. Due to enough space I could easily imagine this longer version on the album. "Midnight Snow" is propelled by iridescently meandering strings, one more ambrosia masterfully displaying silent wintery night walk. "A Long Winter's Sleep", at 17:45 the longest composition on the album, shifts into thrillingly ethereal zones, where voluminously nuanced and tenebrously pinnacling tides persistently commingle with warmly reflective quietudes. A large dose of aural bliss is served here by Jeff Pearce! Luminously ear-tickling strings of the fleeting "Cold Comfort" are exquisitely encircled by graciously sweeping blankets. A truly gorgeous conclusion!

Over 54 minutes long "From The Darker Seasons" album meticulously mirrors Jeff Pearce's passion for his favorite seasons. His sonic canvas are carved in spellbinding beauty, all of them are impeccably euphonious, sonorously emotional and intensely immersing. I will be always deeply fascinated by Jeff's gifted sonic wizardry, a true musicianship extraordinaire!!! His highly acclaimed discography, counting 14 solo albums and one collaboration with vidnaObmana, showcases many milestones. "From The Darker Seasons" recording is undoubtedly one of them!!!

Richard G├╝rtler (Jun 05, 2019, Bratislava, Slovakia)