My review of "Colour Fields" cassette by Pascal Savy

Started by richardgurtler, September 09, 2019, 10:50:07 AM

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Pascal Savy "Colour Fields" cassette

I have noticed the name of this French soundscaper, based in the UK, during summer 2018, when his "Dislocations" CD landed on my radars. Released by Experimedia label during May 2018, Pascal Savy had already on his credit several CDr releases, albums and EPs, on labels like Hibernate, Feedback Loop Label, Twisted Tree Line and Eilean Rec., all published from 2011 to 2014. "Colour Fields" cassette album was released October 5th 2018, through Belgian Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere. label in a limited edition of 55 copies. Although I am not a huge fan of this format, I simply couldn't resist as this was the only available physical edition and I was already blown away by Pascal's previous "Dislocations" recording. Now, the cassette is listed as a sold-out item, but of course "Colour Fields" album is still available as a digital download.

"Shapes Of A Mirage", clocking over 3 and a half minute mark, ignites the album with tenebrously monochromatic drone reverberations, meticulously coalesced with serenely arising evocative meridians. Fascinatingly transporting prologue, so it's quite obvious that "beyond the gates" listening experience fully unfolds!!! 5-plus minutes long "Phantom Absence" dives deeply into spellbindingly unfathomable depths, where ear-bending, monolithically humming desolations collide with balmy organic streams and intangibly enigmatic signals. Transcendental droneforging odyssey at its most sonorous!!! The next track, "A Solarised Vortex", which is slightly shorter than its predecessor, intensely follows the path and tickles the ears with ultra ponderous flatlined vertexes, when persistently carving rising and ebbing stratums, massively engulfing and thrillingly multi-dimensional. What a journey!!! "No Ends On The Sides" incorporates into infinitely thick layers an array of distant piquant buzzes, perpetual hissy undercurrents and inconspicuously crescendoing and diminuendoing roaring vistas. Shorter "At The Coming Of Twilight" merges oracularly sturdy drone zones with mesmerizingly diaphanous beacons and pinnacling dense plateaus. "Lost In A Mesh Of Time" closes the A-side with bizarrely colored patterns, where massively humming cascades commingle with eerily secluded howls. A spectacularly hallucinogenic ride! The B-side is comprised of "Three Moons Aligned", a long-form soundscape getting over 28 minutes. Continuously undulating colossal splendor keeps on drifting, nuancing, traversing, peaking, dissolving... The gates of abysmally breathtaking realms are unlocked, enter now!!! Intricate magnitudes, amplifying helixes, resonating phenomenons, venturesome metamorphoses, dissonant subtleties, nebulous quietudes... an all-inclusive soundcarving exhibiting Pascal Savy at the very top of his genius dronescaping!!! Bravo!!!

57-minute "Colour Fields" album is a must-have sonic adventure and a staggeringly mindscaping listening delight carved for all connoisseurs of tenaciously deep dronesculpting. With "Colour Fields" Pascal Savy enters the Pantheon of triumphant heavy drone spectacles! Big respect, Maestro!!! Who knows, maybe one day this masterwork will be reissued on a glass mastered CD format, I really wish that! In any case, Pascal Savy is a true master of his craft and I will make sure to keep a focused ear to the fissure. And last but not least, big kudos to Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere. for releasing this gemstone, it's highly recommended to check out the merch of this label counting since 2015 over 70 cassette releases!!!

Richard G├╝rtler (Sep 07, 2019, Bratislava, Slovakia)