Bill Laswell/Pete Namlook collaborations now on Bandcamp.

Started by Castleview, January 04, 2020, 07:54:41 AM

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So Bill Laswell's page now has all of the Outland albums and has started uploading the Psychonavigation series.

Outland series:

Psychonavigation series (only three so far):

These are more expensive than a lot of digital download on Bandcamp, with just about all of them costing $10 or $11. That being said, I can at least vouch for Outland 2 and Psychonavigation 2 being great. I figured I'd share this because I know Pete Namlook is well-liked here.


Thanks for this Castleview, I missed this post back in January.

I have most of the Psychonavigations but need to delve into the Outland world.



No problem. Also, the rest of the Psychonavigation albums got posted soon after I made this topic.

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I have physical CDs of Psychonavigation 2 and 3, really like those.


Psychonavigation 2 is my favorite of the bunch. Some very atmospheric pieces (Blue Shift is like being trapped in an alien vessel) and at the center probably one of the highlights of the entire FAX catalog: The Fate of Energy. Such a cool track.

Scott M2

Thanks for the tips! I think that Psychonavigation 2 will now be part of my BC Friday shopping.