Music For Sleep (Longform Ambient - Andrea Porcu)

Started by heartmorke, February 08, 2019, 06:34:38 AM

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Waterforms is a 60 minute longform track composition that experiments the dilatation of sound (in the true sense of the word) within a scenario that can be for example near a lake or on the shores of an isolated sea, still uncontaminated, embraced by a slight modular synthesis manipulation..
Waterforms is a work that must be listened to with a certain attention.
It will transport you to another dimension, without moving from your chair.


Background Music: Schorre [Extended Version]

"Schorre" was first released last year under its creator's real name, Andrea Porcu. The Berlin-based Italian originally recorded it as a self-medication tool, crafting a heady, headphone-friendly journey out of field recordings captured at Belgium's Schorre National Park. 12 months on Porcu has decided to revisit it under the Music For Sleep alias, "sonically manipulating" and "reprocessing" it on tape in order to make it "a pure longform background soundtrack". The resultant revision is double the length of its predecessor at 42 minutes, but somehow even more magical: a becalmed, slowly shifting ambient epic whose blissfully elongated musical movements come wrapped in spacious, barely recognizable field recordings.
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Infinite Tape Loops Vol.1

Listening at low volume is highly recommended.
All tracks have been extracted from found sounds of improvised studio session recordings - archive.

⚠ The audible tape hiss present on both tracks of this album is intentional, as the whole work was conceived to sound on this way ⚠
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"Reserve" is euphorically sonorous gem... A highly recommended recording!!! Well-done, Andrea!!!👍



Opere Sole

Music For Sleep is Rosh! Records' Andrea Porcu, who's been quite prolific in the last couple of years, releasing some of the best long-form tunes for relaxed activities and, actually, sleeping. Some may come from new age territories, others are more drone-oriented or even in Indian raga style, but overall it's a perfect soundscapes to fill your room and create a relaxed space for your mind and body to rest and re-energize before a new day. On this latest offering, Andrea creates a beautiful lush of nature sounds and gentle synth loops, swirling and spiraling around in the burbling of water, bird songs and crackling of the campfire. Basically, nothing can go wrong with such a recipe as it was proven since the golden years of the New Age genre and it' always nice to see such tunes being released in 2020, when we need those moments of serenity more than ever.
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I've enjoyed sampling these sounds, and ended up purchasing the whole discography on Bandcamp. Nice work!
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Quote from: mgriffin on August 09, 2020, 11:17:31 AM
I've enjoyed sampling these sounds, and ended up purchasing the whole discography on Bandcamp. Nice work!