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Started by chris23, April 20, 2020, 10:41:51 AM

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Decided to listen to some Hypnos CDs today as a Hypnos-listening day!

Here is my Hypnos collection. I'm nerdy enough to keep parts of my collection organized by label rather than artist. :D

Now playing: vidnaObmana and friends, Landscape in Obscurity


Nice to see other collections  8)

I always hoped for Hypnos on bandcamp or at least download, never materialised.

Excellent Mr Roach stock there, most of these are on bandcamp download for me although I have some on disc bought prior to the cross Atlantic postal cost explosion.


Yeah, I would love to see some Hypnos on BC. Although I don't think I'd want to re-buy things.

Also revisited the following yesterday in my Hypnos Listening Session. Lots of good vibes and memories:

A Produce & M Griffin - Altara
Oophoi - Athlit
James Johnson - Entering Twilight

More of a drone-based and light-textures day, I guess.


nice to see others collections...hmmm...label or artist....hmmm artist or label.
I admit my Hypnos CDs are ordered some as artist, most as label - all the secret sounds are in label collection.
Not forgetting the binary sublabel releases...

Was recently listening Athlit and some of the Vidna Obmana releases, soundtrack for the aquarium being a favourite


Soundtrack For The Aquarium is beautiful.

Also, I'd love to see more of chris23's CD collection.


> Soundtrack For The Aquarium is beautiful

I agree! Crazy story: When Hypnos released that CD in 2001, I was about to get married and was staying at my wife's house with her family. So I had the CD shipped to their house rather than my place in Chicago. But, for whatever reason, the CD didn't arrive before we left. My father-in-law was cool enough--or crazy enough--to ship it to the place we ended up going on our honeymoon.


Very nice collection there. Due to the size of my CD collection and a shortage of space I can't arrange mine that way. A large chunk of my collection has been converted to Jazzloft sleeves so they look like mini-LPs and these are stored in boxes on a shelf.

RE: Hypnos on BC, there are some but these are re-released by the original artists obviously. For any defunct or dormant label that seems like the best we can hope for. If you know an artist that's not on BC email and ask them. Some artists were slow to get on the platform but have gradually made their way to it...fans have to ask or it won't get done.