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Started by mgriffin, July 06, 2020, 01:29:35 PM

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Hello everyone,

Many of you probably noticed the Hypnos Forum was unavailable for several days. In the course of a server move, the Forum was originally rendered completely inoperable. I worked on it quite a bit over the weekend and now we have good news and bad news.

First the good news -- functionality has been restored, and I've upgraded the Simple Machines Forum software to the latest version. On the old server, there was no way to update it because of conflicts between some versions of PHP and some versions of the Forum software.

Now the bad news -- unfortunately, there was a problem with the latest forum data backup, so the only way to get this working again was to roll back to the May 31 backup. This means that any posts made during the past 5 weeks, and any new member accounts that signed up during that time, have been lost.

I apologize for this imperfect conversion, but I figured it was better to get it working, with the best possible version of the available data, rather than just throw in the towel and say, "OK, no more Hypnos Forum."

Thank you for your patience while we worked through this.

Also, semi-related, there was a problem with the Hypnos News blog page. Likewise, functionality has been restored, but I'm having a tougher time getting a decent backup loaded in (because the SQL database is so enormous for the blog). At present, blog posts from the past 3 years are unavailable, and we're also temporarily locked out of the blog's administrative interface -- so if you visit the blog page you'll see a hilarious default template, which will be the first thing I'll change once I get that working again.

Once again, thanks for your patience!

Mike Griffin, Hypnos Recordings
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well, the important thing is you are back, and up and running 8)
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Another update:

I've installed a new component on the Forum that should do a much better job preventing spammers from signing up. Prior to that, we usually had 5 or 10 or even 15 spammers sign up every day, and had to deal with them one at a time, manually. This new system prevents most of them from getting through, and we haven't seen a new spammer, or even any new questionable accounts, in almost a week.

Since then, I've gone through existing member accounts and deleted several hundred of them, generally prior offenders who had been banned for spamming, but not yet deleted.

Now the Hypnos Forum has under 1,000 members, down from almost 2,000 at the peak, but we have a much better percentage of "real" accounts who are here to read or contribute, not trying to cause a mess.
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Thank you so much for keeping this forum alive. It's a small but excellent community.

I know I've gotten a lot out of this forum since I made this account several years ago.


Thanks for the comments, Castleview, as well as others who posted earlier.

Often in the past we've all discussed the fact that this forum (and others like it) are much less busy, as so many people have shifted their attention to newer forms of social media. Rather than seeing that as a negative as I once did, I have come to see it as a positive.

This forum is more focused, and consequently less overwhelming than Twitter and Facebook in particular, and I find myself drawn back to it for that reason!
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I too am happy to see the forum return. It's been a long while since I've posted but I used to quite enjoy this little corner of the universe and hope to do so again. When I think back on some of the forum communities I was a member of in the years before platforms like Twitter and Facebook/Instagram, I think there is an intimacy to be found in bulletin board communities that I have not found on Twitter and Instagram. Facebook I don't have experience with so I can't comment on that but for what it is worth, I appreciate you keeping this place active Mike. What made me think to check if the forum was back up and running is that I happened to be listening to Viridian Sun earlier tonight. Some of my favorite ambient and space music recordings are on Hypnos. Cheers all.


Thanks for the note, I appreciate it!
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