INNESTI - Apperception

Started by chris23, August 05, 2020, 02:17:40 PM

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I just released the next INNESTI album, "Apperception." It is available as on Bandcamp.   

Apperception is a double-CD release. The first disc contains a mixture of dark and meditative ambient tracks. The second disc is composed of four long-form ambient tracks that range from ethereal minimalism to deep space ambience. I considered releasing these discs separately, but, truth be told, I've always been drawn to the way double-CD releases look and feel, so I decided to release the material in that format.

Hope some of you will check it out and, hopefully, enjoy it.


very finest in mood and atmospheres  your work (as the cover photos of all your releases, too:)) !


I really enjoyed this latest Innesti album. We'll be bringing in some Innesti CDs to sell in the Hypnos Soundswim store soon.
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Thanks, all. If anyone buys this on the Hypnos store, shoot me a PM and I'll send you a Bandcamp download code too.


Been listening on Spotify today. What a beautiful piece of work. You really have nailed this genre of ambient Chris.

Away to acquire this on bandcamp and look forward to listening frequently.