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Sleep Capsules Ambient Playlist 01.04.21
« on: January 04, 2021, 06:46:53 PM »
Hello All,

Sleep Capsules is part of a personal New Year's resolution to force myself to discover new music by artists both familiar and unfamiliar. This playlist reflects my ambient listening in any given week.

The guidelines for the playlist are:

-The songs should be relatively short
-They should be able to straddle the line between active and passive listening
-There should be variety of music, and not just one very specific microgenre or era of ambient music
-There should be between 35-40 songs total
-Ten songs should be removed every weekend and replaced with ten new songs
-Songs are not added and removed in a strictly chronological order(if I like a song it can stick around for awhile)
-An updated playlist should be published at the beginning of each week.

I am interested to see what musical discoveries will turn up over the course of the next year.

Sleep Capsules playlist #02 01.04.21

Saloli - Barcarolle
H. Takahashi - Paleozoic
Shiho Yabuki - Energy Flow(Ki No Nagare)
Dan Abrams - Floating City
Andrew Pekler - Hy Brasil
Andrew Pekler - Description of Rain(over Frisland)
Josiah Steinbrick - Vibraphone, Marimbaphone, Malleted Wood, Two Synthesizers)
Masayoshi Fujita - Tears of the Unicorn
Gaussian Curve - Red Light
Caterina Barbieri - SOTRS
Warmth - No Stars Tonight
Shuta Yasukochi - Before
H. Takahashi - Wurzel
Gallery Six - Mountain Hamlet(Sleep Mix)
Windy and Carl - Forest Trails
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Clouds
Harold Budd & Brian Eno - A Stream With Bright Fish
Joseph Shabason - Aytche
Andrew Pekler - Saxenburg / Pepys / Aurora
Still Harbors - Consequences of Silence
G.S. Schray - His Peculiar Livestreams
Plaid - Zamami
Loscil - Angle of List
Pauline Anna Strom - Freedom at the 45th Floor
Arp - Halflife Visions
William Basinski & Lawrence English - Mono No Aware 1.1
Felicia Atkinson & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - ME
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Water Copy
William Basinski & Lawrence English - Mono No Aware 1.4
Poemme - Forest Hymn
The Golden Islands - In the Hidden Chambers of Caracol
Joseph Shabason - 1517
Richard Bone - Sea Clouds
Gaussian Curve - Impossible Island
Arp - Ozu
Yoshio Ojima - Float On
Global Communication - 5:23