WavemansUnderground EM/Ambient + TD Special + Free Dwnlds

Started by waveman, October 23, 2022, 02:48:38 AM

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Friday 28 october 2022

or radiosunrise.de / All music is in 192kbps quality

"Start: 20.00-23.30 / 7pm-10.30pm(UK) / 2-5.30pm(US) EST"

24 tracks in total, you are welcome in the chat
Playlist: see flyer
1. Brand new music from Sophos, Spacemusic from Paul Headon, 1st class Ambient from Christian Wittman, 2 tracks from Modular Sessions 8(Mark Jenkins)
2. One hour "TD music made by others" recommended listening!
3. Micado(Frans Lemaire) presents his new album Synergia --Free Download-- with YUM codes for each 3rd visitor in the chat, so join us and get that music!

Cheers, Waveman(John Valk)